The Commandment

What happens when an atheist discovers he’s been chosen to deliver God’s new commandment?

“The first time God spoke to me, I was on the toilet.”

Thomas is using a public restroom. He is surprised when God starts talking to him from the next stall and tells him that he has been selected to deliver a new commandment to mankind. There’s one big problem, though: Thomas is an atheist. His belief structure shattered, Thomas embarks on a journey he never wanted as he tries to deal with his new life as reluctant prophet. Today, Thomas is crashing an open mic night to tell his story.

The Commandment is a solo dramatic comedy about loss, love and the pitfalls of taking a crap beside the almighty.


Raves for The Commandment


Review: The Way I See It Theatre Blog

Overall, [Phil] Rickaby has commanding stage presence and storytelling prowess and The Commandment is surprising in its ability to oscillate between between being very light and funny, and then taking a more somber turn that asks the audience to reflect deeper on how this revelation connects with God driving the bus.

Review: Grid City Magazine

Thomas, a God hating, atheist, prophet, begins his diatribe at an open mic night. On the face of it , The Commandment sounds like a bad joke, but what a punchline! From the beginning to the end this of play there is a roller coaster feel. What is faith? Do we control our destiny, or is it predetermined? The comedy adds to the edginess of this piece.

Review: Raise the Hammer

As someone who has now seen more Fringe theatre than most people I know and also as a musician who performs, I have a lot of respect for one-man shows, especially with limited or minimal props. The ability to hold an audience for an hour is a true compliment to Phil Rickaby’s skills as both a performer and writer.


Phil Rickaby, the writer, producer and star of the one-man show, interweaves a creative concept with his own life experiences and creates a well-crafted story with surprising emotional impact. The jokes are sharp and the pathos is deep.

Review: The View Weekly

Rickaby literally bursts onto the stage and his energy does not flag at any point in the proceedings. Although the story is presented as an impromptu stand-up comedy routine, its solid writing and performing chops cannot be hidden. Rickaby’s timing and body language speak more of good stage craft than standup experience. His comedic turn as God (a bus driver surely inspired by some Jimmy Stewart character) is as engaging as his gusto and heart break in the role of Thomas.

The Team

Phil Rickaby – Performer, Writer, Producer
Phil is an actor and playwright, and a founding a member of Keystone Theatre, a Toronto company that creates plays inspired by silent film. You may have seen him as Gormless Joe in Keystone Theatre’s The Belle of Winnipeg, The Last Man on Earth, and Gold Fever, as well as in the films Abolition, The Dragon and the Unicorn and So You’ve Decided to be Attacked by Zombies. Phil is also the host of the Canadian theatre podcast, Stageworthy. Find Phil online at @philrickaby



Richard Beaune – Director
Richard Beaune has performed in every province and territory across Canada in both official languages over a 30 year career. His work as actor and director has garnered rave reviews and several awards, including a Dora Mavor Moore Award and a Canadian Comedy Award, and has been seen in Canada’s largest theatres, including the Stratford and Shaw Festivals, as well as the smallest indie theatres and found spaces. Stylistically, his work has ranged from Shakespeare (29 professional productions and counting) to new works of physical theatre and all stops in between, but always carries a trademark sensibility that he credits to being a clown at heart. A dedicated theatre educator, he has taught at Brock University, Ryerson University’s Act II Studio, York University and George Brown College, as well as countless workshops. Richard is perhaps best known as the founding Artistic Director of Keystone Theatre, a company that creates new plays in the style of silent film which has been recognized across Canada for its unique and carefully crafted work. Ultimately, his goal in life is to make you smile.

Adrianna Prosser – Assistant Direction, Marketing
Adrianna is a storyteller: online, onstage, and on film as a playwright, actor, geek and social media guru. She is a host and Executive Producer for the award winning education webseries Cranium Cookie, Producer of her smash hit one-woman show Everything But the Cat… and the Social Media Community Manager for the City of Toronto Historic Sites. Adrianna has been on the Toronto Fringe Festival scene since 2007, but most recently directed Meet Cute – winner of the 2015 Best of Fringe award, after her 2012 Best of Fringe production of The Shape of Things, as Jenny. To find out more about this fiery redhead please visit @adriannap




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