The Commandment @ Fundy Fringe

“The first time God spoke to me, I was on the toilet.”

Thomas is using a public restroom. He is surprised when God starts talking to him from the next stall and tells him that he has been selected to deliver a new commandment to mankind. There’s one big problem, though: Thomas is an atheist. His belief structure shattered, Thomas embarks on a journey he never wanted as he tries to deal with his new life as reluctant prophet. Today, Thomas is crashing an open mic night to tell his story.

The Commandment is a solo dramatic comedy about loss, love and the pitfalls of taking a crap beside the almighty.

Watch the trailer:

The Commandment
written & performed by Phil Rickaby
Sanctuary Theatre • 228 Germain St
Tuesday, August 21 6:45pm
Wednesday, August 22 5:45pm
Thursday, August 23 9:45pm
Friday, August 24 8:15pm
Saturday, August 25 9:45pm

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